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It is recommended in the official NCAA rules book that the squad members names be entered in the scorebook in numerical order. O. Box 6222 Indianapolis Indiana 46206-6222 http //www. NCAA 57711-10/06 How to use the Official NCAA Basketball Scorebook Refer also to the Official Scoring Rules and sample Scoring Sheet NCAA to provide coaches and officials with a uniform official scorebook. OFFICIAL NCAA BASKETBALL SCOREBOOK Published by the National Collegiate Athletic Association The...
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First we'll establish who's home and guests in this case the east team will be guests because they have a red jersey typically we always make the home team the team with the lighter Jersey in this case West is wearing white you'll then take a quick look at the players on the court making sure that they're all in attendance for the game for example number three for the East was not there so we'll then write d n P which stands for did not play right next to their name then we'll draw a line through their scoring column just to the top to the right of the team name you'll find the running score this is the actual score of the game to the right of that you'll find the time outs then we'll go to the players names and numbers here you'll find a list of the players name along with their number the little box between the number and the name will be an area to record the players personal fouls below at the bottom of the page you'll find team fouls after a player fouls you'll then write the number of that player who committed the foul in those boxes now the first score of the game number 26 just shot a three for the east will then write the number three in his scoring column and then make a slash for three points in the running score on the next possession number zero for West was fouled by number two for the East team you will then slash the number one team foul in the players column then you will write that number below in the team fouls column since number zero was fouled in the act of shooting he is going to shoot two free-throws we will then write two open circles in that players column player number zero shoots the first free-throw and misses we will leave that open circle as is on the second attempt he made the shot now we'll color that circle in solid then we'll slash one in the running score and our next situation is an and-one on this play number 21 for the west team fouled number 23 on the east team you will then slash the number one for number 21 you will then write his number 21 in the team files below as we did previously then since 23 made the shot you will record the two points that he made by placing the 2 in his scoring column then you will add it to the running score of the game then you will draw another open circle next to the two number 23 shot and made the free-throw completing the n1 now the first quarter has come to an end we are going to total the quarter out to total the quarter out you simply add all the scores and the first quarter column you will then write that number towards the bottom of that column Circle it and then write a line through the quarter so you do not make the mistake of putting second quarter scores in the first quarter column on this next example number 23 for the east team has fouled number 13 for the West team in this situation the team fouls are now at 7 which means it's 1 and 1 number 13 for the West team will now shoot his first attempt of the 1 and 1 in this case he'll make that first shot will then...